By the community, for the world!

Polytimos is a community focused project that is meant to be used by whomever for whatever. The project was developed with the people in mind, to allow people to 'get in' to a project at the ground floor, and make use of it in any way they desire without limitations. The project aims to be promoted only by the community to others from word-of-mouth and will not ever have advertisements or other bothersome things other projects use to  'get the word out'. It has a dedicated and vast community team that will help guide it in the right direction for the foreseeable future, which includes many full-time crypto developers and entrepreneurs some of which are very well-known in the space. However, these people may or may not tell others of their involvement as to hopefully not skew the results of the 'polytimos community growth hypothesis' which is being tested actively and carefully within the build and promotion of Polytimos coin. The team very much hopes that you all enjoy and make use of Polytimos in as many ways as possible, and help to make the project a success! Many thanks for checking this site, and all Polytimos related services!
Fair Launch

NO IPO, NO premine, NO instamine

The coin is launched with the belief that fairness is the only way.

New Algo

Polytimos algorithm designed with miners and longevity in mind

The new algorithm implemented in Polytimos was built to last a long time, and to cater to miners.

Community Squadron Team

Newly created community team will help coin until no longer needs assistance and can run on its own.

The community should be who develops a truly decentralized project. In the beginning, though, a dedicated community team including original developers will help project along and develop services and use cases for coin.

Truly Decentralized

Whatever you decide to add to the project, becomes part of the project

Anyone and Everyone can add to polytimos development. This is true decentralization.

Polytimos is on Crypto-Bridge decentralized exchange.

With a decentralized exchange you don't have to worry about your money being 'Goxed' (a term coined during the Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange collapse of 2013) and especially crypto-bridge, as it is a 'truly decentralized' exchange, using a network of federated multi-sig nodes for coin deposits and withdrawals. Trade with confidence!

The polytimos community welcomes its new 'official' pool...!
The pool is not only offering low fees with .5%  (will never go above .75% and will always donate .5% to POLY services and development!)
But they are also GIVING AWAY FREE COINS to their miners!
Simply join the pool's Discord server and await the announcements from the admins for your chance at free coins!
Also... The POLY team has created their very own custom Discord bot. This bot is already on multiple servers, allowing you to take your bot wallet with you to them!
The bot offers some games, mining information, POLY network info, and more!
For the people who can't mine, and are interested in getting a few coins... The bot does RAIN on people active in the POLY Discord randomly.
For people who enjoy contributing...
If you're interested in obtaining free POLY, you can simply sign up at the POLY forums, and post with what you plan to do. Then simply do it!
Once you have made ANY notable contribution to the assistance of POLY's natural growth and promotion methods, you will get FREE coins as well!
Contact @Simon in polytimos forums for more information, or post and ask the GREAT COMMUNITY!
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