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Polytimos - by the community for the community

In the beginning, the community Squadron team will assist poly in creating use cases, services, and products. Then, once the coin
is strong enough it will live on its own with totally community based development.
This is the goal, and so it shall be!

The squadron team includes original developer, who will develop services for the coin for the forseeable future,
and is currently working on ARM based node that will be built into something
to assist in off-grid node hosting. More products and services like anonymous VM hosting, and off-grid products sales
exclusively for polytimos is also being created.

Fair Launch

NO IPO, NO premine, NO instamine

The coin is launched with the belief that fairness is the only way.

New Algo

Polytimos algorithm designed with miners and longevity in mind

The new algorithm implemented in Polytimos was built to last a long time, and to cater to miners.

Community Squadron Team

Newly created community team will help coin until no longer needs assistance and can run on its own.

The community should be who develops a truly decentralized project. In the beginning, though, a dedicated community team including original developers will help project along and develop services and use cases for coin.

Truly Decentralized

Whatever you decide to add to the project, becomes part of the project

Anyone and Everyone can add to polytimos development. This is true decentralization.