Direct Download Links below

Due to multiple questions, we have added direct download links to the polytimos wallet and AMD/nVidia miner from the core team below.

Welcome to - the home for YOUR coin Polytimos!

Since the focus of POLY is community - we have provided a direct widget to connect to the POLY Discord server below. Join the community and get up to date on the newest info from POLY!

Polytimos first dedicated service provider launch in beta!

The first dedicated service provider of Polytimos community, is POLYSHIELD. They provide MasterNode sharing, stakepool, and other services being developed. Check them out! They are here to help provide value and use cases for polytimos and other projects. Working together toward a greater overall goal!

Community Service Providers

One of the main focuses of Polytimos, is to provide useful services for its community, by its community. The first main service provider of Polytimos, is POLYSHIELD.

POLYSHIELD aims to be the premier Polytimos service provider and runs a MasterNode host/share service now, and is building the beta site which will offer a stake pool and various other services as well.

POLYSHIELD is currently in closed beta, however, the alpha version is running on POLY forums, and offers hosted and shared MasterNodes of many projects, which run value through POLY to support the market price and volume. Join the forums and get into the private group 'pshield' to gain access to the alpha, and stay on top of updates in the POLY Discord chat server.

Polytimos - The Community Coin

Polytimos coin is built with the community in mind. Any person is able to join the community, make use of existing services, or provide new ones.

Everyone is welcome.

The goal of Polytimos is to launch totally fairly, provide a faster moving Bitcoin-style project, and allow anyone to be part of it.

Download the POLY whitepaper and philosophy paper to learn more.

Join 'official' POLY pool is POLY's officially supported pool. Developed and maintained by a community team for POLY. The pool has load-balanced stratums, 8 DDOS protected gateway servers, and a lot more. Come mine with us on!